“Happy T!”: Alcohol drinking pros and cons

It’s that time of the week. After a hard week, it’s time to open up that bottle and drink & hang with your friends. What a way to end the week, right?

However, like all other things, that “bottle of sunshine and happiness” has its own pros and cons (Mostly cons).tumblr_llae71YdOi1qzi5l1

Light drinking can boost your brainpower.GgicRIz

Researchers believe that drinking a moderate amount of alcohol raises good cholesterol, which may improve the blood flow to the brain.

One glass a day can keep you slim.


If taken in moderation, alcohol may help in fighting fat. Researchers believe that the bodies of long-term moderate drinkers somehow adapt to metabolize alcohol differently to people who binge-drink a couple of nights a week.
Remember: moderate.

Moderate drinking may prevent gallstones


Gallstones that form inside the gallbladder (made up of hardened cholesterol) may be prevented. As mentioned earlier, alcohol can raise up good cholesterol levels, thus it can affect the bad cholesterol in the gallbladder.


Drinking can be fattening

Alcohol has calories, and going over two drinks a day will see you steadily packing on weight over time.

Drinking too much is dangerous


“Too much of something is a bad thing”. it can make you act inappropriately, create a potential for addiction and can cause drinking and driving accidents.

Alcohol can damage your liver FOREVER


Heavy drinking contributes in acquiring Liver Cirrhosis and Hepatitis. You wouldn’t want that, do you?

Linked to cancers in the mouth

It is said that alcohol is linkedĀ  to cancers of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus and colon, as well as some breast cancer.

Damage your Heart

Drinking a little amount is okay. However if taken in excess, alcohol may raise your blood pressure and damage the muscles of your heart.


Blog Article Entry by: Josef Carlyle Nery, UST-SN




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